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Making Your Vision a Reality

I utilize a 3-part process to help you develop a more insightful, relevant and successful digital presence for your business. Select a process topic to explore how I can help you.


Understanding your business, its digital landscape and how you generate revenue

Collaborative requirement interviews

The success of our collaboration starts here. I take the time to ask questions, observe, listen, and truly understand what makes your business tick. As our collaboration grows, we will discover customer behaviors that can be shaped to build the success your business.

Expert content & ecosystem reviews

Helping your business better differentiate its digital products and services from the competition. As I review your content and compare it against its digital ecosystem, we will identify and capitalize on gaps and trends in your market.

Content strategy

I can help you structure your digital content so it is more relevant to your customers' needs. Providing useful and relevant content opens the door to greater revenue generation potential.

Information architecture (IA)

I strive to connect people to products, resources and services that fulfill their needs while benefiting your business. As my understanding of your business grows I can refine your digital products functionality.


Discovering your customers’ needs, motivations and goals

Usability research and analytics

Understanding your customer is foundational to the success of our collaboration together. We need to learn your customers' motivation and not just rely on what we think they want. I employ a variety of research and testing methods to uncover this type of data as we devlop the core user experience.

Empathy maps and persona creation

As our collaboration develops, we will need to document our finding so we can share what we discover. The empathy maps and user personas I develop serve as our guides while we seek to influence your customers' behavior.

User journeys

Discovering your customers' journey thru your digital products is vital to developing a more relevant and rewarding core experience for your customer. As a user advocate, my involvement ensures that your digital products and services balance the needs of your customers with your bottom line.

Emotional influence

Our goal is not to trigger a specific emotion in your customers. We are attempting to create meaning around the experience that your customers have when engaging your digital products and services.


Developing a solution that builds your business while meeting the needs of your clients

Requirements development

This is the expression of all the hard work we do in the first two parts of the process. In short, the final product will only be as good as the foundation we build upon. Honest and open collaboration is critical to our success as we work together.

Usability testing

Testing allows us to validate and refine your digital products' concepts, emotional triggers and task flow. The end result is a core digital experience that meets your customers' needs while growing your business.


Helping to communicate your product vision all the way through the process. Wireframes document the development of key elements and become the functional blueprints for your digital product.

Iterative prototyping

I can accelerate a project and reduce the time to market by creating functional HTML mock-ups that allow you to gain feedback and iterate on designs before production coding begins.

Mobile app prototyping

Using quartz composer and Facebook's Oragami, I can create high fidelity simulations of mobile applications. These simulations allow us to test and refine the interaction design. As a benefit, we can rapidly develop the look and feel with micro interactions prior to any code being written.

Front end web development

With over 14 years of web development experience, I can seamlessly translate prototypes and flat designs into standards-based front-end code that works across mobile and desktop contexts.

Selected Works

Over a decade of website, UX design and strategy experience behind each example set of my work

Responsive Web Design Connecting Point Set

This business grows by getting a sample curricula packet into the hands of qualified educators. As a result, this site is designed to:

  1. Support exposure to the curricula via workshops
  2. Promote curricula "Evaluation" via a trial set of work books
  3. Allow for the curricula to be purchased via a purchase order. These will be renewed on an annual basis thus generating residual income.

View the site

Key design considerations incorporate various techniques to help influence the behavior of the site's users. Several of these are:

  • Provide free NSTA worksheets = Reciprocity generates good will
  • Provide curricula that meets new federal mandates for science = Compliance need met
  • Look and feel is more organic = Build trust in the author.

Wireframes & Sketches Various Project Set

I begin any project by sketching out a series of possible solutions for UX testing prior to moving on to higher fidelity wireframes.

In the second stage of ideation, I take the top solutions from the initial UX testing and increase the fidelity of the original sketches. I incorporate what we have learned from usability testing and test some more.

Download larger design artifact examples

Current Projects Book Site Set

Book cover and supporting sales site content to add:

  • Initial sketches and wireframes
  • Design problems and solutions
  • Personas, user journeys, and user research
  • Final design mockups

Process Flows Process Document Set

Documentation is a necessary step to simplify maintenance and reduce business risk. Therefore, I also document the UX considerations for all stages of a project.

  • Navigation design
  • Content hierarchy and emphasis
  • Site maintenance process
  • Personas, user journeys, redline build sheets

Download larger design artifact examples

Photoshop Projects Graphic Design Set

I've included some of my most recent graphic design Photoshop projects that also highlight my interests.

  • Hero images and campaign bumper designs.
  • Gas tank design for my motorcycle, the “Betty.”
  • “Double D” Brewing labels for my recent beer production.
  • Tattoo designs to begin collaboration with my tattoo artist.

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Acceptance of any project will require a thorough understanding of the problem we are trying to solve. Therefore, please provide me with high level details of your project in your initial contact request. Thanks!

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What are my rates?

Every project and client is different. Depending on the nature of the project and your business needs, I work on either a fixed cost basis or a freelance hourly day rate billed on the quarter hour. For large projects I scope out all of my work in advance and prepare a detailed deliverables document. This document outlines the total costs of the project and required deliverables.

My life outside of work

Outside of work I am a devoted family man and father who loves motorcycle touring, strong coffee, Bebop Jazz, hiking, hunting, camping, sailing and reading. During my down time, I’m most likely to be found planning my next adventure.

More about what I do if you are interested>>

What I do and how I work

I'm the nexus between research, visual design, development teams and the business unit

What I do

As a user advocate, my involvement ensures that your digital products and services balance the needs of your users with your stated business goals.

Through working collaboratively, I strive to simplify complex problems, understand users’ motivations, avoid business jargon, and use common language to articulate my design experience and knowledge of user psychology and neuroscience.

I’m a perfectionist at heart, but 25 years of experience have taught me how to meet the demands of a fast-paced environment without sacrificing quality.

I start with collaborative dialogue, requirement gathering, user testing of pencil and paper prototypes and then refine them with Visio, OmniGraffle, Photoshop, and Quartz Composer. After continued testing reveals an optimal core experience, I hand code functional HTML prototypes or simulations using templates I’ve created over the years.

The end result is the creation of innovative client experiences.

My work style

I have a passion for crafting well-designed, win/win client experiences. I strive to connect people to products, resources and services that fulfill their needs while benefiting the business provider.

I enjoy both working independently or as part of a team. I’m at my best when working on challenging projects. I like to innovate, meet deadlines, work hard, have fun, enjoy bad puns, and I have a wry sense of humor.

My background

For the past 15 years I have been creating websites and user experiences. My coding skills developed in concert with the growth of the Internet, Web technology and mobile computing. I built my first commercial website in the mid 1990s and began designing complete user experiences (UX) in the early 2000s.

In my most recent projects I've crafted and implemented responsive and mobile first designs utilizing an adaptive content strategy. I strongly believe in utilizing mobile first design thinking for projects I undertake.

Moreover, I'm a student of the human condition. In my first career as a pastor, I focused on the core motivations and behaviors of my parishioners. This helped me understand and influence their life choices thru the various communication vehicles I utilized.

My university study was directed toward my Masters of Divinity. During that time, my core disciplines centered around behavioral psychology, sociology, cultural study, communication and counseling. As a result, I understand people very well

My design process

Since my early career, my design process has been heavily influenced by Alan Cooper’s book “About Face: The Essentials of Interaction Design”. I’ve fully embraced Goal-Directed design as a starting point for any design work I do.

Over the years I’ve adapted that process into a flexible framework that incorporates elements of Design Thinking, Lean UX and Agile depending on the project type, duration and timeline.

Dave Landis has created an excellent illustration that best exemplifies the design style I utilize. I include it for reference.

In my process this manifests in two over arching project types I use to classify projects.

Type 1 projects
Creating new experiences. These projects will have a slightly larger runway as the “design thinking” requirements gathering and creation of the core user experience has more integral parts to consider.

Think of this in terms of business requirements, UX research, personas, scenarios, mental maps, experience maps, paper prototypes and gorilla testing of early hypothesis and revision of the core user experience.

Once the core user experience has been established and tested, the type 1 project follows the type 2 iterative pattern below.

Type 2 projects
Evolving existing experiences. These projects are centered on a continued evolution and update of a current experience. I review and validate all previous design thinking and experiments then quickly move into the creation of new hypothesis to validate, test and explore.

Think of this in terms of business analytics, UX testing, A/B testing, key performance indicators, metric analysis, micro interaction tweaks, augmentation of the core user experience and generation of new ideas.

Once the experiments are created, an Agile development approach is utilized to get these experiments in flight and begin the data collection process for analysis. From here I follow a “Lean UX” strategy pretty closely.